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Hi Tom,

I wanted to express in more depth to Dimon & Bacorn, your team and to you on how pleased CMA is with your dedication and service to your customers. Your team has gone above and beyond to help CMA during this time and I still am not sure this will ever be enough.  I called at 3pm on Saturday March 14th with an urgency and not only was a team available at 8:00am the next morning, but you showed up with 6 of your guys to help.  My practice managers were so pleased with the efficiency, and the smoothness that occurred during this challenging move.  It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this.  We at CMA are deeply grateful for your commitment to your customers.  CMA looks forward to working with you on future projects.  Thanks you again for everything you do to make this easier on my team.

Thank you-

Beth Smith- Coordinator
Cayuga Medical Associates Facilities Department

Dimon & Bacorn assisted in moving my wife and me from Japan to Endicott, NY. We have dealt with many moves and many movers being in the military. For example, a smaller shipment of mine was sent to me from Japan earlier this month and that moving company only sent the driver. I was forced to call family at the last minute to help me in moving my furniture from the truck to the house. That was a hideous moving experience. However on May 21, 2009, Dimon & Bacorn sent four first-rate movers to assist me. Their names are as follows: John Abidin, Dominic Pierotti, Matt Simmons, and Jason Frycek. All four were consistent of the fullest respect towards my wife and me. I insisted many times that they not call me sir, but rather Jon. They informed me that it was not respectful and they would rather continue to call me sir. The four worked quickly and gracefully with my belongings. These four movers also added a touch of humor to my move. I was like they could almost feel my tension of moving half way around the world and they wanted to relax my atmosphere. I could continue on about bad moves and good moves; nevertheless the point of this letter is that I will be moving again in a year, and I will be going through Dimon & Bacorn. I am taking the time out of my day to see to it that these four obtain the acknowledgment they are worthy of and I trust that the boss of these four will take the time in return and give them that respect. I would like to thank Dimon & Bacorn; but most recognizably,

I want to thank John, Dominic, Matt and Jason.


I just wanted to write you to let you know what an amazing job your team did these last couple of days.
You certainly have yourself a team of seasoned pros, who have the ability to make what I had considered a difficult job look easy.
Rick and the guys were especially easy to work with, confident and above all focused on delivering the discussed project on time
and with what I would consider above average results.  Anyhow, I thought you should know that Dimon and Bacorn will certainly
at the top of my list for any recommendations and  more importantly, future work.
In short, your guys kicked some serious butt.

Thanks again.

Bill J
Ithaca Beer Company





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